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This just made my day 10x better

How the fuck are they going to air this on FOX next year?

I Can’t Fucking Stand Reaction-Gif Tumblrs

Not only does it make my browser spaz trying to load everything, but they *generally require no effort or thought. In fact, the only things they DO require are narcissism and a massive ego, enough to think that reposting an old gif in  response to exams week/being single/etc makes one’s tumblr original. Biggest offenders are probably #whatshouldwecallmedschool and #myfriendsaregettingmarried. I normally wouldn’t complain but I’ve been seeing a nauseating amount of this stuff on fb/twitter (a lot of my friends are already in med school ;_;)

Not that I have anything to say about my page though. It’s more just shit I’d rather post (relatively) anonymously, compared to facebook. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t stoop so low as to make single-gif posts about my daily.

…..unless it gave me internet fandom and loadsamoney

…lolbut seriously folks these things are turrible.

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Nov 8


Nov 7

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Nov 5


okay this is bothering me; Dr. Arthur Arden from American Horror was talking about what made a crazy person. So the frontal gyrus -which is in the frontal lobe not in the occipital lobe and the occipital lobe is in the back of the head and controls visual perception, and color recognition. Okay I just had to get that off my chest 

Still think dubstep is cool?

Oct 5

“My mom once told me that a good relationship isn’t where the other person makes you feel better, but where they make you better. Yours fit that bill?”

“Well, I used to be a self-centered, suicidal shut-in. But these days, I flatter myself to think I’m a whole different string of alliteration.

and that’s all because of her, right?”


Read the whole series in about 3 days

I don’t think I can read another graphic novel after this one


There are more skeletons than there are humans on the earth….

at this very moment